Downtown Chattanooga Sushi Bar & Grill


Totto is brand new Sushi Bar in Grill in the heart of Downtown Chattanooga! We are located in the old Quiznos building on the lovely North Shore. Our restaurant is small and charming with a couple of booths, sushi bar and tables inside. We offer a gorgeous patio balcony overlooking Coolidge Park. Our service is friendly and the food is made to order so it comes to you as fresh as possible.

We serve different grade Tuna between Sushi, Sashimi and Rolls.

When you eat Tuna Sushi or Sashimi you want to appreciate more Tuna but nothing else. Welcome and try our fresh Tuna and Uni( Sea Urchin). Also we have fresh Fluke (can be called Flounder). If you order we will have Giant Clam and fresh oyster as well.

We will also have a party tray menu soon so check back often!

  1. What Does Totto Mean?

    TOTTO means gold fish or little chicks or little bird in baby word in Japanese